Light in the Darkness: Church-Based Training

Invite us. We’ll come.

I went to church for years, being abused at home and desperately searching for something that made sense, that would help me understand what was happening and give me enough courage to stand up and change my circumstances. I am responsible for my actions and I know pride kept me from saying anything publicly, but it was also the fact that my church never said anything about abuse. I felt like I was hiding a dirty little secret that only happened to non-Christians. I felt such shame. I had made my bed, now I had to sleep in it.

I felt like nobody would understand and I was on my own.
A Woman from a Local Church


Session 1: 60 minutes Foundation

Session 2: 50 minutes Dynamics of Domestic Abuse/Domination

Session 3: 50 minutes Case Study

Session 4: 50 minutes Commonly Misunderstood Scripture

Session 5: 50 Minutes Practical Helps/Q&A


Mike’s talk was fantastic and really set the stage for the rest of the day. Some of the advice Sydney gave goes against the way I naturally think. So it was very helpful to hear.

Pastor Jared Callison