It’s not the picture of the black eye;
that’s a picture, but it’s not the only one.
It’s the picture behind the pretty scenes
of flowers and family photographs .
I was one of those women. And I didn’t know.


Clarity in Action Ministries values and cares for victims of domestic abuse by providing resources to equip the local church in a Christ-honoring way


You can Help!

  1. Pray ~ This is God’s work, done by human hands and hearts.
  2. Engage in Learning ~ Be ready and willing to change redemptively.
  3. Invite ~ Reach out for personal or corporate training.
  4. Give ~ Donate funds to cover costs and scholarships.

Let’s Work Together

“You articulate so well the insidious nature of abuse: how manipulation, victim-distortion of abuse, and church leaders (unfortunately) can perpetuate abuse by minimizing it in the name of Jesus…. ”

—A Child of God