It’s not the picture of the black eye; that’s a picture, but it’s not the only one.
It’s the picture behind the pretty scenes of flowers in the front yard and family photographs .
It’s the woman turning herself into a pretzel to be a good wife and Mom, to live like Jesus.
I was one of those women. And I didn’t know.**


Clarity in Action Ministries values and cares for victims of domestic abuse by providing resources to equip the local church in a Christ-honoring way

For years women have come for help, believing their marriage and parenting didn’t look like others because they were doing something wrong. Contrary to some, a woman cannot change or fix a man. ONLY God can. He intends for the Church to lovingly help one another. He uses godly men to love and shepherd other men. It’s a team project. Please join us in repairing lives, marriages, and families for the glory of God.
Sydney Millage, Executive Director of Clarity in Action Ministries


You can Help!

  1. Pray ~ This is God’s work, done by human hands and hearts.
  2. Engage in Learning ~ Be ready and willing to change redemptively.
  3. Invite ~ Reach out for personal or corporate training.
  4. Give ~ Donate funds to cover costs and scholarships.

Let’s Work Together

**Why this matters

  1. 25% of women are victims of severe physical violence in their lifetime (1 in 4)
  2. On a typical day, 20,000 phone calls are made to domestic violence hotlines
  3. Only 1/3 of women receive the medical treatment they need from their violent partners
  4. The number is no different inside church walls
  5. Problems cannot be solved biblically unless they are diagnosed biblically
  6. In many churches, marriage solutions fail because of a misdiagnosis

“You articulate so well the insidious nature of abuse: how manipulation, victim-distortion of abuse, and church leaders (unfortunately) can perpetuate abuse by minimizing it in the name of Jesus…. ”

—A Child of God