We do not provide counseling services of any kind. Contact your local domestic abuse shelter, dial 9-1-1, or reach out to a trusted friend/organization.

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How Did Clarity in Action Start

by | May 31, 2023 | Newsletter | 0 comments

How did Clarity in Action start? 

In 2021, seasoned biblical counselor and advocate, Sydney Millage, was contacted by Pastor Mike Gittins who reached out for help with a difficult situation. Sydney invited Jamie Julius (an advocate), to meet in person with Mike, his wife, and a church member who was experiencing domestic abuse. At Mike’s invitation, Sydney presented a series of teachings for the church and leadership. A year later, Sydney, Mike, and Jamie formed Clarity in Action Ministries.  

The devastation of domestic abuse is too great for one person to address. It is, in fact, too great for any number of organizations and people helpers. Our only hope for rescue and change is Jesus Christ. Through salvation He has created an extension of Himself–His Body, the Church–to protect, provide, and support those who are downtrodden and broken. We ask you to partner with us. Your prayers and financial gifts equip church leaders to provide practical help and spiritual hope. We believe God uses the prayers, hands, and feet of His people to praise and glorify Him. This is how we fulfill the Great Commission.

Many individuals in local churches don’t see the need because it is hidden and secret. Those experiencing domestic oppression rarely see it for what it is. Individuals who notice, based on the danger and confusion in a marriage, hesitate to get involved because they don’t know how. To bridge the gap, Clarity in Action offers “Light in the Darkness” training for churches around the nation and the world. Here is recent feedback from attendees: 

“It was an incredible time of teaching and I would recommend it to any pastor I know.”

“Mike’s talk was fantastic and really set the stage for the rest of the day.” 

“The group work with the stories was really helpful.” 

“The practical wisdom Sydney shared goes against the way I naturally think so it was very helpful to hear.”

Once our start-up goal of $10,000 is reached, we will set up a specific fund to meet direct needs of those experiencing the effects of domestic oppression.

Clarity in Action Ministries Board of Directors  

President: Sydney MillageVice-President: Karen Miller
Treasurer: Mike GittinsSecretary: Jessica Cox
Consultant: Jamie Julius


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